Exclusive Management Service USA offers a full range of commercial maintenance services, including:

Safety Training Programs

EMS USA skill-training program prepares your team for janitorial services, supplies and equipment management. This training is a support system that brings proper procedures to your team on Janitorial and Floor Maintenance.

Floor Care & Maintenance Program

We offer commercial services ranging from traditional janitorial to green programs designed to reduce waste, minimize negative impact on the environment, and maintain a healthier atmosphere for your staff and customers.

EMS USA provides services developed specifically with each customer’s unique needs in mind.  As a company with over 15 years of experience in providing services for the retail, hospitality, and other commercial industries, we design our services to meet each customer’s individual objectives.

We provide prompt, professional, and quality housekeeping services and floor care, including scrubbing, burnishing, carpet maintenance and restoration, restroom maintenance, strip and wax, and other commercial maintenance services.  Our team’s years of industry experience allow us the expertise to design processes that meet our customer’s needs in a quality, efficient, and pleasant manner.  Let us design the right janitorial program to fit your needs!

High Traction Floor Safety/COF/BOT Testing & Reporting

Floor slip resistance testing is the science of measuring the coefficient of friction (or resistance to slip accidents) of flooring surfaces, either in a laboratory (before or after installation) or on floors in situ. Slip resistance testing (or floor friction testing) is usually desired by the building’s owner or manager when there has been a report of a slip and fall accident, when there has been a report of a near accident, or (preferably) before the flooring is installed on the property.

Safety Products and Supplies

EMS USA uses state of teh art “Green” Technology. Nothing in the industry cleans faster and more efficiently while using no harsh chemicals that adversely affect our fragile eco-system. We only use hot water, meaning no chemicals are released into the soil to eventually find their way into our drinking water. Nature Blast is a prime example of our eco-friendly products.

Inspection Facility and Surveys

Monitoring Safety Program, and Service & Standard Ruling

Courses & Certifications for In-House Janitorial Program

EMSUSA installs non-slip treatments to your floors, walkways, and bathtub/showers without any interruption to your home or business. There is no downtime and you will receive a written guarantee and documentation of work performed upon completion of the non-slip treatment.  This can lower your insurance premiums, qualify your small business for tax credits, and is a valuable defense against premises liability or negligence lawsuits and worker’s comp claims.

  • Providing customer safety improves customer loyalty
  • Establishing employee safety creates a better work morale
  • Good employee morale improves efficiency & better customer service
  • Better customer service improves customer loyalty
  • Reduction in liability, insurance and workman’s comp claims and premiums
  • Provides peace of mind for business owners & management

EMSUSA will inspect your floors annually and semi-annually to make sure they are holding the highest coefficient of friction possible.  If your floors are  not holding a high coefficient of friction we will evaluate and discuss with you a going forward procedure to rectify the matter.

Below is a graph on how we compare to other organizations on reducing slip and fall incidents.

EMSUSA Floor Treatment
Other Brands Floor Treatment Service

As you can see we improve slip and fall incidents by 20-30 percent better then any other company.

Safety and health protection is no accident with the EMSUSA non-slip safety floor treatment. EMSUSA provides an easy, dependable and affordable solution to these issues. The cost of EMSUSA is pennies when compared to the cost of medical expenses, lost time, lawsuits, fines, penalties and rising insurance costs.

Don’t let your profits slip away. Call us today for a free product demonstration and valuable information on our non-slip safety floor solution program.